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"Guilloché Gems"

Apr 27, '21

Mandala Rings with a Twist   “Guilloché Gems” can be used with our transparent gems, citrine, amethyst, and blue topaz. The “Guilloché Gems” are a process I started integrating with my work some years ago when I fell head over heels for guilloché engraving. I have devised a way to...

More on Mandala Rings

Feb 24, '21

The Mandala Rings are our first product introduced on the web site. Nearly ten years ago, I made my first series of Mandala Rings and I have not stopped making big bold rings ever since. This new series is very special to me. I have developed six iconic patterns for...

The Rose Engine Lathe

Oct 26, '20

Ornamental Turning is a specialized art form bearing little in common with plain wood turning.   The tools used to practice it have much more in common with industrial machinery than plain wood turning, but the two are often associated with each other.   This is an oversimplified comparison because...