about studiocelia


I am Celia Kudro, the designer/artisan/creator behind STUDIOCELIA.  
My artistic pursuits started with lapidary gemstone cutting, followed by gold and silver work. After seeing an exhibition of Fabergé objects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I became transfixed by the processes of Guilloché engraving on metals as well as the use of vitreous enamels, and the art of ornamental turning.
Inspired by nature, the work produced by studiocelia, is the result of lessons learned along the ever-revealing path.
Tommy seen here using a rose engine lathe in the studio.


Tommy has been with studiocelia for nearly 4 years. An avid film photographer, he has always had an affinity for art. Find him on Instagram @heremypics. Exploring the world of guilloché and ornamental turning has come to him naturally.

Tommy has become enamored with the processes used in studiocelia's designs. He has devoted himself to learning as much as he can while working with Celia. Tommy has found a home within studiocelia.

Tommy looks forward to all that the future holds for himself and studiocelia.


 studiocelia  strives to ethically source the materials used in our pieces, from the gemstones we use to organic woods as well as our precious metals.  
The sourcing of these materials is not just an ethics concern, but a human rights and environmental concern. In order for us to aid in the protection of these, we choose to use and purchase Fair Trade gems and organic materials whenever possible. We support conflict-free sources whenever possible so that this ideal can propel itself forward for years to come.
As an Associate Member of the American Gem Traders Association, we disclose gem treatments if they are used in production of our gems.
Quality is our greatest concern when sourcing materials. More and more, quality and ethics are walking side by side in this industry. As we continue to seek out quality materials for our products, we also continue to seek ethically sourced materials as a natural byproduct of our search.


"I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart."

- Vincent Van Gogh