home care


Fine jewelry requires care in order to maintain the quality of each piece.  
Consider what is being used to clean your jewelry, specifically if the cleaner contains bleach, which is the most common nasty chemical to avoid. Chemicals of any type, especially cleaning chemicals, are to be avoided at any opportunity.
All pieces should avoid excessively hot temperatures. This is to say hot cars, hot windowsills, near flames, etc. Just to be clear, hot places in general.
Additionally, pieces should not be immersed in water. Swimming pools and hot tubs have the additional feature of chlorine and other chemicals that will serve to accelerate the decline of the jewel.  
Sterling silver tarnishes if exposed to salty air, humid air, chlorine, perspiration, and various other chemicals. Avoid preparing meals, exercising, and exposing it to hair care or skin care products. These have oils that draw dirt which becomes abrasive if built up over time. When not in use, jewels should be stored in a dry container.
Any piece made with organic wood should remain as protected as possible from elements such as extreme heat, water, extreme cold, etc. Wood has a coefficient of expansion that is related to the wood's environment. The wood should be loved and very tenderly protected.  
Customers have the option of sending their studiocelia pieces to us for reconditioning. For wood items, this can also be accomplished at home through the use of a small amount of neutral shoe polish or Renaissance wax and massaged into the wood with a soft bristle brush.
Our products are "occasion pieces" and should be worn as such. Fine art jewelry should be handled as precious. We have found that with a little effort, that our jewelry has lasting beauty.

A banner of Triad elements, one of our iconic patterns from our Mandala Rings Collection.